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There’s travel, and then there’s travel in high definition


Fully engage your senses as you actively explore new landscapes, new cultures, and new sensations on a VBT Bicycling Vacation. Cycle with us, and be connected to the land in the most elemental ways, gaining a richer, more authentic and varied perspective that just isn’t possible on ordinary tours. Yes, you’ll discover the historic and cultural wonders that lie on your path, but as you do, you’ll be stimulated by waves of sensory impressions.… You’re in the zone, propelled along a Provencal path by the sound of buzzing cicadas, and the humming of your own wheels…. You’re in Connemara, the blacktop glistening after an afternoon rain shower, its flinty fresh smell mingling with the scent of moss and Irish wildflowers…. You’re in Vietnam, your appetite piqued by a brisk ride through terraced rice paddies, when you roll into a Hoi An cafe, diving with relish into a fragrant, steamy, stew of seafood and fresh noodles, washed down with icy cold beer…. Fantastic places. Welcoming people. A sense of physical wellbeing. This is cycling with VBT. Let’s roll.