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Biking and Walking Equipment FAQ

What are the different styles of bikes that VBT offers?

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How do I know which bike style is right for me?
We recommend that guests choose the type of bike that they typically ride at home and are comfortable with. It’s your vacation so you want to make sure you are happy with your bike choice.

How do you make sure the bike will fit me properly?
When you call to reserve, the Tour Consultant will ask you what type of bike you would like and your height. Then our Trip Leaders on site make sure the correct bike will be ready for you on tour. The bikes come in what we call a “comfort zone” fit. On the first day of the tour, your leaders will work with you to make any necessary adjustments to the bike so it is safe and comfortable for you.

Can I bring my own bike?
You may bring your own bike on your VBT vacation. However, we do generally recommend taking advantage of VBT’s included custom bicycle. Learn more about our custom VBT bicycles. You can call 1-800-245-3868 and speak to one of our Tour Consultants for more information about bringing your own bicycle.

Can I bring my own bike saddle?
Our bikes come with excellent saddles but if you bike at home on a regular basis and like your saddle, we recommend you bring it with you. The Trip Leaders will help mount them during the bike fitting on the first day of the tour. Please do not bring seat posts.

What types of pedals does VBT provide and what shoes should I bring?
VBT provides flat pedals and flat pedals with toe holders. We recommend a proper, well broken-in, athletic shoe with a stiff sole, which will fit well in the toe holders.

VBT does not provide clip-in pedals, but guests can bring their own clip-in pedals and compatible shoes if they prefer and the Trip Leaders can install these pedals on your VBT bicycle. Please keep in mind that you will be on and off your bike throughout the day, for discoveries during the tour, so bringing a shoe that you can comfortably walk in is important.

Does VBT provide helmets?
VBT provides helmets with a universal fitting system that can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes. They are thoroughly cleaned after each tour. We encourage you to bring your own helmet if that is more comfortable for you. Helmets can get easily crushed when traveling on the plane so we recommend packing it in your carry-on.

What else is supplied with the VBT bicycles?
The VBT bicycles come with map cases that attach conveniently to the handlebars to hold the detailed turn by turn instructions that the Trip Leaders provide and preview with you every day. There is also a handy rear rack bag that attaches to the back of your bike rack. The bag can easily fit a rain jacket, a small purse, a camera, and the bike lock that we provide for use on tour. The bag easily unclips from the bike and has a handy carrying strap. We highly recommend that you take the bag with you when locking up your bike.

All guests will also receive a water bottle on tour that the Trip Leaders will refresh with water each morning. The bottle fits nicely in the holder on your bike so you have easy access. The water bottle is yours to keep after the tour.

Will the Trip Leaders be with us during the day?
You will have two Trip Leaders available to take care of any needs you have. One will be in the van providing snacks, water, and a shuttle ride if needed and the other one will be cycling along with the group.

What if my bike needs to be repaired while on tour?
We supply a spare tube, tire levers and mini pump for repairs. The Trip Leaders are always available to assist with repairs.


What equipment is supplied on walking tours?
For walking tours, we supply adjustable poles with hand straps. They are sturdy and your Trip Leader can show you how to use them and adjust them properly for your height on the first day of your tour.

We also provide step by step directions each day so guests know what to expect out on the trail and a map case to hold them. The pace is really up to you and we do have specific meeting points where the van is waiting each day to provide snacks, fresh water or a lift to the next town.

Do I need to use walking poles?
It is not required but highly recommended. The walking poles are great for helping maintain your balance, improve your posture, and help to take the weight off your knees. You can always try them out the first day and see if you like them. Each day you can decide to use them or not.

Do I need to bring a water bottle?
We send each walking tour guest a nice water bottle in the mail which they should bring with them on tour and keep in their personal day packs for refreshment on the trail.

What type of shoes do you recommend for the walking tours?
Guests should be sure to bring broken-in walking shoes or boots on tour with them. They should have a sturdy sole with a good tread and you should be able to walk in them comfortably for up to 6 hours. Like with biking, you don’t want to be testing out a new pair of shoes while on vacation!

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