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Skiing Vacation Yellowstone in the Winter: Skiing America’s First National Park ​

Activity Level: Easy / Moderate  |  Daily Mileage: 2 – 9 mi  |  Daily Skiing: 2 – 4 hr
Pre-trip Extension:
Bozeman · 2 nights $195  
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Lehrkind Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Lehrkind Mansion Bed and Breakfast The Lehrkind Mansion Bed and Breakfast provides a comfortable base from which to explore the Bozeman area and acclimate for your trip into Yellowstone.

Located within walking distance of Bozeman’s historic Main Street, the Lehrkind Mansion is well situated in a quiet neighborhood. The Lehrkind, originally built in 1897 as the home of Bozeman Lager Beer master-brewer Julius Lehrkind, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Legend has it that each brick in the home was cured in large vats of beer before being set, making it “the house that beer built.” The home itself is a classic representation of Queen Anne Victorian architecture and one of Montana’s finest.

The neighborhood reflects Bozeman’s working past—where homes and industry were, and continue to be, neighbors.

The current owners of the Lehrkind Mansion, Chris and Jon, turned the classic Victorian home into Bozeman’s finest bed and breakfast. Both owners are former Yellowstone National Park Rangers and are excellent resources for information as you prepare for your winter vacation in Yellowstone.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel In the early days, Yellowstone’s visitors began their park exploration at Mammoth Hot Springs, named for the steaming limestone terraces located just above the hotel area. The site was occupied by a hotel even before Yellowstone became a National Park in 1872. The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel as we see it today opened in 1937. The hotel is one of two lodges in Yellowstone National Park that are open in the winter. WiFi is available in the lobby for a small fee.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Old Faithful Snow Lodge In winter, Old Faithful Snow Lodge offers a truly unique experience.

Lodging in the area began with the Old Faithful Inn in 1904; nearly two decades later, the Old Faithful Lodge was built, after the park was opened to automobiles. Travelers had always requested lodging close to Old Faithful and the hotels allowed visitors to spend comfortable nights close to the geyser—in the summer, at least.

Winter travel into the park took off in the early 1970s, creating the need for a winter Snow Lodge, which stood from 1971 to 1998. A new lodge was completed in 1999 and has welcomed guests as the most modern hotel in the park since that time. While it may be the newest and most modern, the lodge structure harmonizes with the surrounding landscape to complement the other historic buildings in the area.

A short walk from Old Faithful Geyser, the hotel’s location makes it possible for us to set out on a variety of explorations right from our door. When we are not outside, enjoy the fire as you sip a hot beverage in the lounge, while the snow falls outside.

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