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Biking Vacation Tuscany by the Sea​

Activity Level: Easy / Moderate  |  Daily Mileage: 15 – 35 mi  |  Daily Biking: 2 – 5 hr
Air package plus
10 days from only
Price includes roundtrip airfare.
Land only
7 days from only
Pre-trip Extension:
Orvieto · 2 nights $245

Post-trip Extension:
Rome · 2 nights $295*
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  • Save $350 on the October 10, 2014 departure

Dates & Prices

Please note: September 26, 2014 is a Special Culinary Tour, click here for more details!

Please note: Land only Package will start two days later than dates noted below. Availability on tour dates can change frequently and may not be reflected online. Please call our tour consultants for more information.


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2014 Departures

DateAtlantaBostonCalgaryChicagoDallasDenverDetroitHoustonLos AngelesMiamiMinneapolisMontrealNew YorkNewarkOrlandoPhildelphiaSan FranciscoSeattleTampaTorontoVancouverWashingtonLand Only
Sep 5, 2014$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Sep 8$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Sep 12$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Sep 15$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Sep 26$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Sep 29$4,195$4,120$4,645$4,195$4,245$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,295$4,195$4,195$4,445$4,045$4,195$4,195$4,120$4,345$4,345$4,295$4,445$4,645$4,245$2,845
Oct 6$4,045$3,970$4,495$4,045$4,095$4,145$4,045$4,045$4,145$4,045$4,045$4,295$3,895$4,045$4,045$3,970$4,195$4,195$4,145$4,295$4,495$4,095$2,695
Oct 10 - Save $350!$3,695$3,620$4,145$3,695$3,745$3,795$3,695$3,695$3,795$3,695$3,695$3,945$3,545$3,695$3,695$3,620$3,845$3,845$3,795$3,945$4,145$3,745$2,345
Oct 17$3,395$3,320$3,845$3,395$3,445$3,495$3,395$3,395$3,495$3,395$3,395$3,645$3,245$3,395$3,395$3,320$3,545$3,545$3,495$3,645$3,845$3,445$2,295
Oct 24$3,395$3,320$3,845$3,395$3,445$3,495$3,395$3,395$3,495$3,395$3,395$3,645$3,245$3,395$3,395$3,320$3,545$3,545$3,495$3,645$3,845$3,445$2,295
Single Supplement: $495

Additional departure cities may be available. Pre and Post-Trip Extensions may not be available on all departures. Ask your Tour Consultant for details. 


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Please note: Web Special savings cannot be combined with any other offer. Standard Terms & Conditions apply when purchasing this trip. 2014 Prices include all airline surcharges and Government taxes and fees. Ask our Tour Consultants for details. Every effort has been made to produce this information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors. Prices are based on preferences selected above, including meals and sightseeing as specified in What's Included. All prices are subject to change. Departure dates and prices shown may be updated several times daily, and apply to new bookings only.
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