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Biking Vacation Italy: Po River Valley and Lake Garda ​

Activity Level: Easy  |  Daily Mileage: 15 - 35 mi  |  Daily Biking: 2 - 5 hr
Pre-trip Extension:
Portovenere & Cinque Terre · 2 nights $245

Post-trip Extension:
Bellagio & Lake Como · 2 nights $345
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Weather & Climate

This area of Northern Italy has typical continental weather, with very hot summers and daily average temperature of about 30-35 °C. Some showers are possible and during the fall there could be fog. Emila-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto regions are warm in the summer and temperate in the fall. Due to the presence of lakes and rivers and the largest Italian plain, there could be some fog on fall mornings. In general, you can expect typical continental weather, with cold winters and warm, dry summers. In this area the weather is considerably milder year- round than in the central United States. Temperatures average in the mid 30s and 40s °F during winter and in the 50s and 70s °F during spring and autumn. Winter rains can be heavy, but extended periods of sunshine are also common. The following chart of average temperatures in Verona will help you to prepare for your tour.

Average Daily Temperature (High/Low)

° F °C
Apr 63 / 49 17 / 9
May 73 / 55 22 / 12
Jun 80 / 62 26 / 16
Sep 75 / 59 23 / 15
Oct 63 / 50 17 / 10
The data cited above reflect climate as opposed to weather conditions, and serve only as general indicators of what can reasonably be expected. They reflect meteorological trends tabulated over many years and reported by various sources, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US National Weather Service. Data shown are for sites we visit or the nearest regional equivalents. As your departure approaches you may wish to monitor current overseas weather conditions through major newspapers, various Internet sites, or the Weather Channel. *The above are average temperatures. Actual temperatures may vary depending on developing weather patterns. Please consult a newspaper, the Internet, or local tourism office prior to your departure for current weather information. 
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