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VBT's Included Ski Equipment

Everything you need to travel carefree—and light!

VBT provides you with a complete ski package that includes all the essential gear you need—top-quality skis (in two different styles), boots, and poles. We also provide trail maps, snacks, and a ski hat. So you can leave your ski equipment home and save yourself the hassle of transporting it. Of course, if you prefer to bring your own gear, go right ahead!

We'll help you choose the skis that are right for you

When you reserve, your VBT Tour Consultant will ask your height, weight, and shoe size so we can be sure to have your preferred skis on hand. Once you arrive your Trip Leaders will accompany you to our rental shop, where technicians will do a fitting and make any adjustments. Boots and poles will be fit to your size and height, making your ski experience as comfortable as possible.

Support on the trail

Your VBT Trip Leaders will review the day’s activities before you hit the trails, and local ski instructors will provide a brief ski clinic at the beginning of your stay. Then you’re off! You’ll be responsible for carrying your own equipment to and from the trailheads, which are mostly within walking distance of our hotels. Otherwise, we include transfers to the trail via local ski bus, taxi, or van. (Due to the terrain we are not able to provide support vans along the ski trail.) You’ll ski at your own pace on the route of your choosing, with two VBT Trip Leaders circling the trails to offer guidance, hand out snacks, and point out interesting sights. The group gathers at trailside restaurants or huts, where a refreshing drink or warm treat awaits. Many of our destinations also offer prepared snow-walking trails to explore in boots or shoes. Trail passes are included in your vacation package.

Our Cross-Country Ski Rating System

Remember, within every VBT rating level you’ll have route options and the flexibility to ski as much or as little as you want. These guidelines indicate the general range of choices you’ll have. 

VBT's Cross-Country Rating System


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