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Why travel by Bike & Barge?

The ultimate in comfort and convenience, with the fun of bicycling built right in

Bike and barge travel transports you through some of Europe’s most art- and history-rich destinations, and most  fascinating cultures, easily and comfortably. Plus, by combining cruising and cycling, you can cover more territory than on your bicycle alone. 
Iris - VBT Bike & Barge

A delightfully different perspective

Your barge gives you an entirely different view of the city and countryside. From your private island in the river, you enjoy a constantly changing panorama of sights and sounds, and views of your mooring points from both far and near. Once ashore, you see it all again from the other side—on your bicycle. 

Unpack one time for seven nights 

Step aboard with ease and convenience, and away you go! Settle into your comfortable cabin, unpack your bags and prepare for nights of uninterrupted relaxation. Your barge crew and VBT Trip Leaders cater to your every need, even stowing and maintaining your cycling equipment. And since your comfortable accommodations travel along with you, you don’t need to repack your luggage until the end of your cruise. 

Comfortable accommodations

VBT’s barges have ample room for 20-24 passengers, plus a full-service crew. You gather for meals in the dining room, relax on the spacious sundeck and socialize in the stylish lounge, which includes a bar.  Your comfortable cabin features individual climate control and a private bathroom with a shower. 

Excellent service 

Your barge captain and crew pride themselves on exceptional quality service—after all, you are a guest in their private home on the water! Your crew prepares delicious regional meals and provides stellar service every moment of your cruise. As always, VBT’s bilingual Trip Leaders join you for the ride, sharing their secrets for the best cultural discoveries that await on land, in  each mooring point. 

Friendships and camaraderie 

The intimacy of barge travel lends itself to building close, lasting friendships. It doesn’t take long before you and your fellow travelers feel like family, sharing tales of the day’s bicycle ride with one another, the captain, and the crew! Time spent cruising provides wonderful opportunities to engage in interesting discussions and laughter. 
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